What is Photo blog

photography blog

Photoblog is a blog where people share their photos as they click, in a normal blog we see lots of text all over the place but in a photo blog Photos are predominantly seen in the blog with fewer texts. The photo blogs focus on photography rather than the text like in other blogs. Photo blogs are an excellent place for photographers to share their photos and it also makes a beautiful gallery for people to view different photos with different ideas at the same place.

Photo blogging has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years as people began to show interest towards photography as the development of camera phones grew on a large scale.

There are three ways by which photo blogs can be hosted, i.e. photo blogs on the individual domain, Photoblogs on blogging services and photo blogs on photo specific blogging services. Services like Fotojournal, Tumblr and WordPress are available for blog services.

During the early days of photo blogging, the bloggers needed to have some technical knowledge about setting up the server and writing CMS codes. But as days went by, photo blogging was made available to everyone. One did not need to have the technical knowledge to start or share their photos on the blog.

Photoblogs are a great source to photographers to exhibit their skills and to prove themselves. Photographers can find many other photos posted by other photographers with whom they can relate to and get ideas from.

It is not necessary that a person should know photography to post photos on the photo blogs, exploring and looking at the gallery of photos on the web is always entertaining. One can always learn a lot and look at the amazing photos shared by other photographers. One can have many clients viewing their photography over the photo blogs and thus have to be very careful and brilliant with the photos they post on the photo blogs as it is going to affect their business. Many share photos on the blog for fun, as photography is their hobby, but some turn that hobby into a career and a business.

There are many photo blogs on the web some of them are the Big Picture, Vernon Trent, which is the photo blog of a photographer Vernon. Chromasia, a photo blog which gives attention to minute details. Laurens Kuipers, Architectural and landscape photography.  Jeezo Peezo Photoblog, a blog with portraits and black-and-white photos.

If a person is a professional blogger then he/she must definitely have a photo blog because clients view photos over the photo blogs and it is a brilliant way of marketing. Even if a person is not a professional or is on the way to start a career then starting a blog would enormously help and improve their brand. If a person takes up photography as a hobby, they still can have a photo blog where they can share their passion with their friends and family.